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Woman Arrested For Stalking Man She Saw In Ridiculous 1,500m Beef Bowl Race YouTube Video (Video)

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The 1,500 meter beef bowl challenge, a new way to lose weight and attract women.

On February 14th, police in the Aichi city of Okazaki arrested a 28-year old woman from Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, for allegedly stalking a 23-year old Okazaki man she saw in a video on YouTube. The video showed the man trying to eat a beef bowl (gy┼źdon) as fast as he could immediately after completing a 1,500 meter race.

According to police, at about 5:30 p.m. on February 10th, the suspect, who claims to be a temporary worker, attempted to visit the 23-year old YouTuber at his Okazaki residence. Police were called and she was warned for her actions. Then, at a little after midnight on February 14th, the suspect allegedly went to the victim’s residence again and rang his doorbell in order to get his attention. The victim called the police and they arrested her later that morning under suspicion of violating the Stalker Control Law.

Reports say that even though the woman did not know the victim she was able to deduce where he lived through information she obtained from his YouTube videos.

When questioned about her actions by police, the woman was quoted as saying “I saw him in a video and I began to have romantic feelings for him.” However, when asked specifically about her visits to the victim’s residence she denied the allegations of stalking, saying “I got his permission [to visit his residence].”

In a statement made to The Huffington Post a person involved with the investigation said that police are still trying to determine the suspect’s exact motives. Furthermore, the individual also said that it is still unclear whether her reason for visiting the victim’s residence was to give him a Valentine’s Day present.

According to Sanspo, the video that caused the suspect to “have romantic feelings” for this Nagoya YouTuber was titled “A New Event ‘1,500m Beef Bowl’ A New World Record Is Set!!” The video, which can be seen below, shows four men competing to be the first to finish an entire beef bowl after participating in a 1,500 meter race. Not surprisingly, not everyone manages to complete this ridiculous challenge and not everyone manages to keep their beef bowl down either. Authorities have not revealed which of these four “athletes” is the target of the suspect’s affections.

Source: The Huffington Post, Sanspo

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