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J-YouTuber Tries To Get Drunk Through Nose, Ends Up In Horrible Pain (Video)

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In the latest of a never-ending series of what he calls “experiments,” the popular Japanese YouTuber Watanabe Mahoto, has released a video in which he and his friend try their best to find out if they can get drunk by inhaling wine through their noses.

The video starts off innocently enough with Mahoto and his friend eating some odd-flavored Harry Potter jelly beans. After this, Mahoto enters into his explanation about why he decided to do this video.

“As the title says, this video is about whether you can get drunk if you drink alcohol through your nose. People that don’t like the taste of alcohol, people whose noses are stuffed up due to pollen allergies, etc., could drinking alcohol through your nose be the solution to all of your problems? If you drink through your nose you can irrigate your sinuses and also disinfect them, thus cleaning them. And you get drunk, without having to taste the alcohol. So today, the two of us will drink wine through our noses.”

Following this introduction, Mahoto and his friend comment that if their experiment works it would be “revolutionary.” Then they pull out straws and get to inhaling.

Watch the video below and if you’d like to see some translations of what these two ‘scientists’ are saying check out the screenshots below the video. And in case you were wondering, yes, you can get drunk through your nose if you try hard enough (emphasis on try). Oh, and please don’t try this at home.

After 1st ‘drink’ (1:14)

Mahoto: I’m crying. This is horrible. AHH! That’s disgusting! This hurts too much. Out of all the things I’ve inserted into my nose this hurts the most. This hurts so bad.

Before 2nd ‘drink’ (1:30)

Mahoto: [The inside of the nose] is lined with mucous membrane, so I think you’d definitely get drunk. They say that if you put alcohol in your asshole you get drunk, right? That’s because it’s a mucous membrane. So my theory is correct.
(takes second ‘drink’)

Before 3rd ‘drink’ (1:47)

Mahoto: I’m starting to feel light headed.

The video ends with a joke segment in which Mahoto explains that this is how last year’s batch of Beaujolais Nouvea, a well-known type of wine in Japan, was made. And finally, they say that this is how this year’s batch will be made too.

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