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This Action Scene From “The Last Cop The Movie” Is Wonderfully Ridiculous (Video)

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As a way of promoting the May 3 release of the first movie in the popular Japanese comedy buddy cop series, The Last Cop, a clip of an absurd and totally over-the-top action scene that takes place at the beginning of The Last Cop The Movie was released this week.

Check out this hilarious clip below and if you’d like to know more about The Last Cop series make sure to keep reading.

The Last Cop

The product of the first ever team-up between the major Japanese broadcaster Nippon TV and the Japanese division of the video on demand service Hulu, The Last Cop ラストコップ rasuto koppu) is a loose remake of the popular German television series Der Letzte Bulle. This silly buddy cop series, which began its life as a seven episode mini-series in 2015, stars Toshiaki Karasawa as Kosuke Kyogoku, a detective who wakes up from a 30 year coma caused by an explosion he got caught up in while on the job in 1985.

Kosuke Kyogoku

The mini-series and the subsequent 10-episode full season that was broadcast on Nippon TV in 2016, tells Kyogoku’s story as he returns to the police force, teams-up with a partner about 30 years his junior and tries to make up for lost time, all while doing his best to learn about everything that has changed in the past three decades.

Kyogoku and his young partner Ryota Mochizuki, played by Masataka Kubota

Although The Last Cop series is in part known for featuring over-the-top action scenes, many of which seem to draw inspiration from 1980s and ’90s action films, the scene presented above, seems to take things to new heights of absurdity and leaves one wondering what the final climactic action sequence could look like for a movie that opens up with a scene as crazy as this one.

As for the plot of The Last Cop The Movie, it involves Detectives Kyogoku and Mochizuki taking on an ‘AI robot’ that wants to eradicate humanity. You can check out a trailer for the movie below.

Currently, it does not appear that there are any plans for The Last Cop THE Movie to get an official English-language release.

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Images: 「ラストコップ THE MOVIE」ド派手アクションシーン特別映像

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