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NTT DoCoMo Wants You To Take The Pen Sports Challenge (Video)

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The Japanese mobile phone carrier NTT DoCoMo has just released a video asking students to participate in the latest internet challenge, the “pen sports challenge.”

As with any internet challenge, all you have to do is film yourself doing the challenge and then upload that  video to Twitter with a certain hashtag. The hashtag in this case is #ペンスポやってみた (#ITriedPenSpo). But what exactly is a pen sport? Simply put, a pen sport (or pen spo for short) is any sort of trick that involves a pen and/or a smartphone. Definitely not the most physically demanding sport out there, but it’s perfect for students.

The video that NTT DoCoMo released on February 9th, shows the dance group Tempura Kidz, who are known for having started their career as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s back-up dancers, engaging in various pen sports. There’s also plenty of singing and dancing. Check out the video below.

Although most of the pen sports videos that people have uploaded to Twitter show pen spinning, there are also some people that have uploaded some pretty creative videos, such as the one below.

This interesting promotional campaign is set to run through March 31st, so all you aspiring pen athletes should get your pen sports videos posted before then.

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