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This Dragon Ball Is Completely Edible And Filled With Senzu Beans

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Eat all 7 and you might end up wishing for a toilet.
Ever felt like eating a Dragon Ball? If you answered yes, then you might
have a problem. However, you’re also in luck, because thanks to a new
Dragon Ball themed promotional campaign, which is brought to you by Toei
Animation and East-Japan Railway, you can now fend off hunger with
steamed buns that look like Dragon Balls.
Official Toei Animation Website
These new steamed buns are called Dragon Ball man.Man, which is short for manjū, is a type of steamed bun that is often sold at convenience stores in Japan. Although the standard man is filled with pork (nikuman)
you can also find ones filled with curry and even ones filled with
pizza ingredients. Taking its inspiration from the senzu, that magical
bean that has saved Goku’s life on more than one occasion, these buns
are filled with curry flavored edamame (green soybeans).
order to find out if these new Dragon Ball buns taste any good our
Tokyo based Japankyo contributor, stopped by Pao2 Station Newoman, a
food shop located inside Shinjuku station, and paid the 250 yen
(US$2.21) that it costs to buy one of these magical buns. As you can see
in the picture above, the buns are kept in a basket-like cooking
receptacle that also keeps the buns nice and warm.
bun that our Japankyo contributor ate happened to be the 7-star
version. When asked to comment about what he thought of the bun he said
the following.

It tasted
mostly like curry, like a curry man you’d get from a conbini
(convenience store). It honestly does not look very appetizing.

when asked if he felt re-energized by the senzu beans that the bun is
supposed to be filled with, he responded with the following.
I was still hungry after I ate it so no, I don’t think so.
Not exactly a ringing endorsement but then again for 250 yen, perhaps you shouldn’t expect all that much.
from these buns, there are quite a few other Dragon Ball themed food
items being sold by shops and restaurants in and around the Tokyo
Station area.
Source: Mainichi Shinbun
there’s a wide variety of items to choose from, including Genkidama
(Spirit Bomb) Ramen, Dragon Ball Macaroons and even Dragon Ball cheese
hamburg steaks, perhaps the most ridiculous and least creative of all of
these is “Vegeta also loves it, vegetable and cheese Super Saiya
Risotto” (actual translation). It really seems like they were scraping
the bottom of the idea barrel with this one and apparently people on
Twitter noticed this because according to Mainichi Shinbun one person criticized it as being “just a vegetable and cheese risotto.” Sorry Vegeta fans, looks like this is all you get.
you’d like to try some of these Dragon Ball food items for yourself
you’re going to have to act fast because this promotional campaign ends
on February 27th.
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