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Can You Use A 430 HP Monster Fan To Pop A Giant Balloon? J Youtuber Tries To Find Out (Video)

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This video is sure to blow you away.

Japanese Youtubers seem to have a real passion for the advancement of human knowledge. They ask the questions that no one else does. Can a condom protect you from an electric shock? Can you get drunk by drinking wine through your nose? Is it possible to make a real life rocket punch? These are all questions that brave Youtubers have attempted to answer and now thre’s a new question which the popular Japanese Youtuber, Sushi Ramen Riku, has taken on. Can you pop a giant balloon by using a massive 430 horsepower fan?

Released last month,  the video below shows Sushi Ramen Riku trying to use a huge and extremely powerful 430 horsepower fan in order to try and pop a giant balloon. As you can imagine with Riku being the rather thin and lightweight guy that he is, staying close enough to the massive fan for the balloon to be pushed to its limits does not prove to be an easy task. Does he succeed in popping the balloon? In order to find out, you’ll just have to watch the video yourself.

Check out the video below.

More Fan Ridiculousness

Prior to the balloon video Riku released one other video featuring the same monster fan (because if you’re going to rent a giant fan like this, then you might as well make two videos, right?). In this first video, which by the way has managed to get over 3 million views, Riku tries out several different things. He starts out by seeing what would happen if he casually walks past the fan while it’s blowing at full force (doesn’t go well). He then mixes it up by trying a variety of different things. He runs at the fan. He runs at the fan with an umbrella. And he even puts himself in a rubber ball and then crosses the path of the powerful winds being generated by the fan.

Check out Riku as he puts his body on the line all for the sake of advancing human knowledge (and getting millions of views…).

Source: Sushi Ramen Riku YouTube
Image: 7500ccの扇風機で巨大風船膨らませたら面白すぎたww (Sushi Ramen Riku YouTube), 巨大扇風機の横を通ったら吹っ飛ばされた!! (Sushi Ramen Riku YouTube)

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