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This Chihuahua And Parakeet Have A Hilariously Wonderful Relationship (Video)

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Who knew chihuahuas and parakeets could get along so well?

A totally adorable and pretty comical animal duo composed of a mellow chihuahua and a somewhat mischievous parakeet seem to have become the latest animal YouTube celebrities in Japan.

Uploaded to YouTube on September 6, the video below stars a chihuahua named Kanpei and a parakeet named Morecki. In the video you’ll see Kanpei paw at Morecki and then you’ll hear the little parakeet say ita, which is the equivalent of “Ouch!” or “That hurts!” in Japanese. This silly little video has already managed to get over 750,000 views in just a couple of days and it appears to still be climbing.

About Kanpei and Morecki

Kanpei and Morecki first started showing up on YouTube about a year ago and they were a massive hit right from the beginning. In their first video, which you can see below, you can see a 3-year-old Kanpei and a 3-year-old Morecki “chatting it up.” Since its release this little video has been viewed over 550,000 times.

After their first video, the person running the Kanpei and Morecki YouTube channel, continued to intermittently release more adorable videos showing the amusing relationship between this cute but unlikely pair. Here’s some of the more entertaining ones.

There’s this one where Kanpei and Morecki seem to fight over a toy.

Then, there’s this hilarious one where Kanpei is just minding his own business chewing on a little toy banana but Morecki seems determined to perch himself/herself on top of Kanpei.

And this one where Morecki seems to really want to eat some of Kanpei’s dog food.

And finally, there’s this one where the wacky duo gets into a little “fight.”

So, now that they’re internet celebrities what’s next for Kanpei and Morecki? They have yet to make any public statements on the matter, but given that they’ve already racked up well over 1.5 million views, perhaps some kind of animated TV show is in their future? Or maybe a live-action children’s show? Let’s hope that happens because the world definitely needs some more Kanpei and Morecki goodness right now.

If you’d like to see more of this wacky dog bird friendship, check out Kanpei and Morecki’s YouTube channel here.

Source:  yurino hana
Image: 仲良しすぎるインコとチワワ (yurino hana YouTube)

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