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Cute Pomeranian Pup Shows Off Frenetic Dance Moves (Video)

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Dancing doggie style.

With their short little legs, fluffy little bodies and general inability to appreciate music, you wouldn’t think that Pomeranians would be particularly good dancers. However, there’s a little Pomeranian pup in Japan that is proving you don’t need to be human to dance like a madman.

The video below shows an adorable roughly 2-year-old Pomeranian named Kotetsu. Although in the video he’s begging for a treat, the mesmerizing way in which he continuously moves his little legs almost makes it seem like he’s dancing. Check it out for yourself, but, be warned, Kotetsu doesn’t seem to get tired. He just keeps going and going and going and going and… you get the picture.

Feel like watching Kotetsu do some more doggie dancing? Then check out the video below.

Both of these videos were uploaded to a Japanese YouTube channel called pom kotehana. This interesting little channel specializes in adorable videos of Pomeranians. The two stars of the channel are Kotetsu, who you saw above, and Hana, who is currently around 4 months old. Aside from the Kotetsu dance videos, the channel also has a lot of cute puppy videos starring Hana. The one below for example, shows Hana playing with a soft round ball.

The one below shows Kotetsu and Hana during snack time.

And here’s cute little Kotetsu all covered up and ready for bedtime.

If you want to see even more of Kotetsu and Hana, then make sure to check out the pom kotehana YouTube channel. They have many many more pom-tastic videos there. You may also want to check out their Instagram page here.

Source: pom kotehana
Image: おやつ頂戴~!!キッチンに向かってひたすら踊る♬ポメラニアンのコテツダンスだよ❤ (pom kotehana YouTube channel)

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