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Hard Rocking Maid Band Releases New Music Video

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Down with the ruling class!

If you like to see cute maids shredding on guitars and behaving badly then BAND-MAID’s new music video might be right up your alley.

BAND-MAID’s new music video is for a song from their upcoming 1st full album, Just Bring It, which is set to be released on January 11th. The song is called “Don’t you tell ME” and its got that same hard rock feel that the band is known for.

Our master is ROCK

Much like previous BAND-MAID music videos, this one features the members in their trademark maid outfits showing off their very impressive musical abilities. The video also shows a maid doing the kinds of things that disgruntled Akihabara maid cafe employees probably dream of doing on a daily basis. Check out the full video below.

If you want more of these anything but subservient maids, then you’re in luck because BAND-MAID has managed to build up quite a catalog of both songs and music videos since their formation in 2013. One video worth checking out is for a song called “Don’t let me down.” The song is from their 2nd mini-album, New Beginning, which was released in November of 2015. “Don’t let me down” features some killer guitar riffs and a really catchy chorus which you might have trouble getting out of your head..

If you’d like to see even more BAND-MAID music videos then check out their YouTube channel here.

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