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Nara’s Infamous Uncle Spats Caught After Three Years Of Rampant Spats Flashing

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Uncle Spats is no longer on the loose!

A man in Nara Prefecture who is suspected of being an infamous flasher dubbed “Uncle Spats” by the local schoolchildren has been arrested after he allegedly exposed his beloved tights to a high school girl.

According to police, on the morning of June 18 a 17-year-old third year female public high school student in Kashiba City, Nara Prefecture, was walking to school when at around 8:30 a.m. she encountered a peculiarly dressed man. This man was wearing a hat, light colored spats (aka leggings/compression pants), and a t-shirt which at first he kept pulled down over said spats in an apparent effort to cover himself.

How exactly it went down and where exactly he approached his young victim from is unclear, but the end result is that this strangely dressed man began to run toward the innocent high school girl, all the while lifting his t-shirt up in order to show her the spats covered lower half of his body. And to make things even stranger, the spats man apparently did not say a single word during the entire incident.

This was hardly the first time the spats flashing man had made an appearance in this part of Kashiba City, though. In fact, since about June of 2016 there had been a total of 10 reports of similar incidents. To top it all off, he was apparently so infamous that he had earned the nickname of “Uncle Spats” (supattsu ojisan) among many of the junior high and high school students who went to school in the area.

After apparently being stumped with the Uncle Spats case for roughly two years, police got a break in the case thanks to a picture taken by the most recent victim. With this new information in hand police set out to rid Kashiba City of Uncle Spats and his indecent ways.

Noticing that many of the previous incidents involving Uncle Spats had taken place during the Monday morning school rush, several officers posing as joggers set out to patrol the area on the Monday following the June 18 incident.

On the morning of June 25, police spotted an automobile moving in a suspicious manner. Upon seeing the driver they noticed that his clothes and other characteristics matched that of the man they were looking for. And so, after looking up his license plate number they concluded that a 47-year-old male company worker named Katsushige Kita was the infamous Uncle Spats.

On July 5 police arrested Kita under suspicion of indecent conduct. Kita has admitted to the spats flashing, reportedly telling police “I’ve been doing it for three years. I did it because it excites me.”

Of course, the story of Uncle Spats has caused many people in Japan to express their opinions online, saying things like:

If there were a guy like this in my area, I think he’d probably be found out right away but if I were to actually run into him I might just end up laughing.

Recently, all you hear about is these kinds of incidents. What the heck is going on with the world? I can’t look at middle-aged men the same way anymore.

I guess he thought he’d be ok if he wore spats but if you’re not wearing underwear, it’s not ok.

So this means he wasn’t wearing underwear. But even if he was wearing underwear, you could still see right through it all, right?

In any case, spats lovers, especially if you ever find yourself in Kashiba City, please remember to make sure nothing is clearly visible before leaving the house, unless you want to run the risk of being pegged as the next Uncle Spats.

Source: Sankei West, Nico Nico News
Image: Pixabay

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