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Saga Man Loses Most Of Ear In Zombie Style Attack

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man was arrested on December 31st in Imari City, Saga Prefecture after
he bit more than half of another man’s ear off in a bar.

to police, at slightly past midnight on December 31st, the suspect,
Masaaki Tashiro (40), got into an argument with another male customer at
a type of drinking establishment knows as a ‚Äúsnack bar.‚ÄĚ Upon noticing
the argument another customer at the bar, a man in his 50s attempted to
intervene. However, police say that Tashiro responded by assaulting the
man and biting more than half of his ear off.

arrested Tashiro but he is denying these allegations. He was quoted as
saying ‚ÄúI have absolutely no knowledge (of the incident).‚ÄĚ

is self-employed and lives in Izumi City Osaka Prefecture. He was
visiting his family home in Saga Prefecture when this incident allegedly
occurred. He was at the bar with 3 other friends.

last month there was also a story about a man intervening in an
argument and getting bitten by a drunk guy. That one was a particularly
bizarre. It involved a drunk British man practicing archery inside a
restaurant. The victim in that story got bitten in the nose and
thankfully only suffered minor injuries. The full article for that story
can be found here.

Sources: ANN News, Saga Shinbun

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