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What annoys you about living in Japan? (Part 1: Bookstores, Ice Cream Floats, Repetitive Language, & More) | Ichimon Japan 33

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On this episode of Ichimon Japan we ask: What annoys you about living in Japan?

Topics Discussed

  • Some annoying things you might encounter while living in Japan
  • The annoying practice of book stores in Japan sorting books by publisher rather than author
  • Justifications for why bookstores in Japan arrange books by publishers instead of by the last name of the author like in the West
  • The McDonald’s ice cream float incident
  • The good and bad of blindly following the rules
  • The emotionless “zombie” greetings (like irasshaimase) that you hear in stores in Japan
  • What the fake leaves in bento are called in Japanese
  • Why fake plastic leaves are placed in bento in Japan
  • Having shop clerks accompny you out the store
  • Washiki (Japanese style) toilets
  • One Reddit users complaint that Japanese people use certain adjectives like sugoi, kawaii, and oishii too much
  • The many ways you can translate oishii
  • The many ways you can add nuance and meaning to adjectives in Japanese
  • Alternative ways to say oishii
  • And much more!

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Sources, Links, Videos, Etc.

Here are the English-language sources used for this episode.

Here are the English-language sources used for this episode.

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Japanese Vocabulary List

Most episodes feature at least one or two interesting Japanese words or phrases. Here’s some of the ones that came up on this episode. All information is from Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC.

  • Aisu
    • アイス (n) (1) ice (eng: ice, ger: Eis); (n) (2) (abbr) (See アイスクリーム) ice cream; icecream; (n) (3) (arch) (col) (Edo period pun on 高利貸し being homophonous to 氷菓子) (See 高利貸し・こうりがし,氷菓子・こおりがし) usurer; usury; loansharking
  • Sofuto
    • ソフト (adj-na,adj-no) (1) (ant: ハード・1) soft; (n) (2) (abbr) {comp} (See ソフトウエア) software; (n) (3) (abbr) (See ソフト帽) soft hat; felt hat; (n) (4) (abbr) (See ソフトクリーム) soft serve ice cream; (n) (5) (abbr) (See ソフトボール) softball
  • Irasshaimase
    • いらっしゃいませ (exp) welcome
  • Haran/Baran
    • ハラン/バラン the leaf found in bentos that is used as decoration (though modern day haran/baran are made of plastic they people used to use real leaves)
  • Eko
    • エコ (adj-na,pref) (abbr) (See エコロジカル) ecological; eco-
  • Gizagiza
    • ギザギザ : 刻刻; 段段 【ぎざぎざ(P); ギザギザ】 (n) (1) (on-mim) (uk) notches; serration; indentation; jaggies (stair-step artifacts in computer images); (adj-na,adv,adv-to,vs) (2) (on-mim) (uk) notched; serrated; jagged; corrugated; milled
  • Oshibori
    • おしぼり (n) wet towel (supplied at table)
  • Washiki
    • 和式 【わしき】 (adj-no,n) Japanese-style (esp. in reference to squat toilets)
  • Umai
    • うまい (adj) (1) delicious; appetizing; (2) skillful; clever; expert; wise; successful
  • Bimi
    • 美味 【びみ】 (n,adj-na) good flavor; good flavour; delicacy; dainty
  • Kawaii
    • 可愛い 【かわいい(P); かわゆい; カワイイ; カワイい】 (adj-i) (1) (uk) cute; adorable; charming; lovely; pretty; (adj-i) (2) (uk) dear; precious; darling; pet; (adj-i) (3) (uk) innocent; childlike; childish; lovable; (adj-i) (4) (uk) dainty; cute little; tiny
  • Sugoi
    • すごい (adj-i) (1) terrible; dreadful; (adj-i) (2) (uk) amazing (e.g. of strength); great (e.g. of skills); wonderful; terrific; (adj-i) (3) (uk) to a great extent; vast (in numbers); (adv) (4) (uk) (col) awfully; very; immensely
  • Oishii
    • おいしい (adj-i) (1) delicious; tasty; sweet; (adj-i) (2) (uk) attractive; appealing; convenient; favorable; desirable; profitable

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