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New Accident Prone Mascot Helps People Find Their Dreamhomes At Any Cost (Video)

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He’s going to need a tissue

Japan’s number one real estate listing site, HOME’S, has started an interesting new ad campaign starring an amusing detective themed mascot who will stop at nothing to help you find that house you’re looking for.

Uh oh…

The website’s new detective mascot is named Homes-kun and yes, his name is a play on both the website’s name and the last name of perhaps the most famous fictional detective ever, Sherlock Holmes.

The ad campaign began airing early this month and consists of a total of six different commercials. Model and TV personality Yui Okada appears in two of these. These two commercials also happen to be the ones that best show off Homes-kun’s dedication to helping people find a place to live. So let’s take a look at them.

The commercial below starts off with Okada on a rooftop complaining about how she can’t find a place with a nice view. Homes-kun notices this and, of course, he wants to help her. However, he’s on the rooftop of another building. Thankfully, there’s a very conveniently placed tightrope connecting the two buildings so Homes-kun uses it to get over to where Okada is. Although he does make it across and manages to help her in the end, he also encounters a little bit of trouble along the way. Trouble that most men would find extremely painful. Also, at the end, Okada shows her gratitude to Homes-kun for helping her by kissing him, however, this excites him so much that it causes him to get a pretty explosive nosebleed.

The next commercial is similar in concept to the first. However, this time Okada is on a bus complaining about not being able to find a good place. Homes-kun, who is definitely not Okada’s stalker, notices this and then jumps on a skateboard to catch up to her. Along the way he takes a few spills, at least one of which seems worthy of being included in a compilation of failed skateboard trick attempts. And, yes, there’s an explosive nosebleed at the end of this one too.

The last four commercials are not quite as elaborate as the previous two. They mainly focus on specific services or features of the HOME’S website. For example, in the commercial below you can see Homes-kun holding a “live” fish, which is used to represent HOME’S’ “fresh” daily listings.

If you’d like to check out the other three commercials you can do so by either going to the official HOME’S YouTube channel, or the official website for the ad campagign.

Source: Excite News

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