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3 Absurd Japanese April Fools’ Day Videos

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Image source: Google Japan

Although April Fools’ Day is not a big deal for most people in Japan, over the past several years it seems that Japanese companies have totally embraced this celebration of mischief, using it as an excuse to release absurd videos, that end up providing them with quite a bit of relatively inexpensive publicity.

This year is no exception and Japankyo already covered one such video released by Japanese satellite broadcaster WOWOW, which you can check out here. If more such videos are released, Japankyo will be sure to cover those too, however, in this article we’re going to take a look back at some examples of amusing Japanese April Fools’ Day videos from years past. Although you may have seen one or two of these already, there’s probably at least one that you haven’t, so let’s get started.

Google Japan’s Magic Hand

Released for April Fools’ Day 2014 by Google Japan, this video is a fake advertisement for a smartphone device called the Magic Hand. This fake hand connected to a joystick allows you to input text into your phone in what seems to be a very impractical way. It is specifically intended to help people with “Flick input,” which is a way of inputting Japanese text that involves flicking the on-screen keys rather than tapping them.

Cat hand

The ad explains that the Magic Hand helps make Flick input easier and more efficient. It is especially useful for people who have long nails, don’t want fingerprints on their phones, have injured fingertips or, have fingertips that, for whatever reason, aren’t being detected by their smartphone.

Mobile version

The video also shows off several alternative versions of the Magic Hand, such as a left-handed version, a thumb version, a pinky version, a cat hand version and a mago no te (back scratcher) version. The ad even show off the Magic Hand’s ability to connect to a keyboard via USB. And finally, the video top it all off by giving viewers a sneak-peek at the “mobile” version of the Magic Hand.

Nissan, Nissin and Nissen’s Flying Noodle News Report

Released for April Fools’ Day last year, this confusing English-language ‘news report’ is the result of a team-up between three Japanese companies with very similar names, car manufacturer Nissan, mail-order retailer Nissen and instant noodle maker Nissin Foods.

The flying instant noodle ‘craft’ in the video is referred to as an USO rather than a UFO (uso means “a lie” in Japanese). This is why the flying noodle bowl is also referred to as an Unidentified Lying Object. Japan sure does love puns.

Animax’s TEBURAKUCHIN Smartphone Holder

Released for April Fools’ Day 2015 by the anime television channel Animax, this is also an advertisement for an impractical smartphone device.

Called the Teburakuchin, this unique smartphone holder is supposed to help you watch all the anime you want without your arms ever getting tired. The name of this device, is a combination of two Japanese words, tebura, which means no-hands/without using hands, and rakuchin, which means easy/pleasant.

Teburakuchin Love

The video explains that with Teburakuchin, you can watch videos anywhere, while eating, in your private time and at work. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the video even shows that Teburakuchin may even result in you finding the love of your life.

So many attachments!

The video ends by showing a female version of the Teburakuchin and some alternate ‘attachments’ that are soon to be released.

And that brings us to the end of the list, but if you’d like some more wacky April Fools’ Day content check out these other articles

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Sources: Netorabo, Video Square

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