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This Japanese Take On The Snuggie Turns You Into A Cow Abducting UFO (Photos & Video)

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At least there’s no anal probing involved…

The Japanese retailer Felissimo has released their own unique version of a wearable blanket which is perfect for both those looking to stay warm on a cold winter day and UFO lovers.

Felissimo‘s new product is called the “Abducting UFO wearable blanket” and just like the name implies it turns you into a UFO with a penchant for abducting innocent bovines.

This crazy blanket is modeled after the stereotypical flying saucer type UFO that you often see in old movies and grainy film footage. The UFO portion is worn over the head and it comes with a little hole for your face to pop out of.

The front middle portion of the warm fleece blanket that hangs from the UFO part of this outfit is made to look like a beam which is in the process of sucking up a cow, a tree and a house into the body of the hovering mothership that is your head.

Poor little cow is about to get vivisected…

If you’re not in the mood for abductions, you can also close up the front of the blanket and, presto, you look like nothing more than just a standard everyday floating UFO.

And of course, because the blanket allows you to freely move your arms, use your hands and walk around, you can do all your daily chores while at the same time entertaining your entire family.

When not in use you can fold up the blanket, store it in the top UFO portion and use it like a cushion. Make sure you pack it so the cow is visible through the face hole!

And as if all that wasn’t enough, the UFO even has glow-in-the-dark tape where the saucer meets the body of the craft.

So how much does this absurd lounge-wear cost? Currently, you can get your hands on your very own wearable cow abducting UFO for 8,856 yen (79 USD) – a small price to pay for this out-of-this-world product.

Check out the video below to see the UFO blanket in action.

If you’re in the mood for more ridiculous products like this, then don’t worry because Felissimo has got you covered. The UFO blanket is actually part of their YOU+MORE! series of products. The name of this series is a pun based on the Japanese word for “humor” (yūmoa) and as you would expect from a series with a name like this, all of these products are quite amusing.

For example, here’s the YOU+MORE! Ebi Fry (deep fried shrimp) sleeping bag. It is totally impractical and wonderfully absurd.

Here’s a great video showing off this fried shrimp sleeping bag.

This delicious sleeping bag costs 8424 JPY and can be purchased here.

One more example of Felissimo’s absurd YOU+MORE! line of products is this umbrella which is modeled after the fly agaric species of poisonous mushrooms.

This poisonous umbrella costs 6912 JPY and can be purchased here.

Source: PR Times
Image: YOU+MORE! アブダクションするUFO 着る毛布 (krasofeli), PR Times

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