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The Untidiness of Marie Kondo & Shinto: A Chat w. Kaitlyn Ugoretz of Eat Pray Anime | Japan Station 75

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On this episode of the Japan Station podcast, Kaitly Ugoretz of the YouTube channel Eat Pray Anime discusses the allure and eclectic spirituality of Marie Kondo, as well as online Shinto communities.

About Kaitlyn Ugoretz

Kaitlyn Ugoretz is a Phd candidate at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her primary area of research is online religious communities, in particular Shinto communities. She is also the author of a recent article about Marie Kondo titled¬†The Untidiness of Marie Kondo’s Eclectic Spirituality. Kaitlyn also runs the YouTube channel Eat Pray Anime.

Topics Discussed

  • About Marie Kondo/KonMari
  • About the “untidiness” of Marie Kondo
  • How people have tried to connect Marie Kondo and her ideas to Shinto
  • Marie Kondo’s website
  • The “Danshari” method of tidying up
  • The prevalence of so-called tidying gurus in Japan and in the West
  • The “Japanese-ness” of Marie Kondo as a marketing tool
  • How Marie Kondo appears to be far more popular in the US than in Japan
  • The allure of Marie Kondo
  • The Netflix show¬†Tidying Up with Marie Kondo
  • The narrative of self transformation found in Marie Kondo’s shows and others like it
  • About Marie Kondo’s second Netflix show¬†Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo
  • About Kaitlyn Ugoretz’s research on online Shinto communities
  • What Shinto practice looks like
  • About Shinto practice outside of Japan
  • Practitioners of Shinto outside of Japan
  • What attracts people outside of Japan to Shinto
  • About the YouTube channel Eat PrayAnime
  • And much more!

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Links, Videos, Etc.

To read Kaitlyn Ugoretz’s article about Marie Kondo, use the link below.

To check out Kaitlyn’s YouTube channel, Eat Pray Anime, use the link below.

Here is one of the Eat Pray Anime videos that was mentioned during the episode.

You can follow Kaitlyn Ugoretz on Twitter as well.

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