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J-YouTuber Tries To Eat “Penis Fish” In Disgustingly Hilarious Video (Video)

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Not for the faint of heart.

The popular Japanese YouTuber MEGWIN released a video this week (Mar. 6) in which he tries to eat a type of marine worm (urechisu unicinctus), that is often referred to as a “fat innkeeper worm” or “penis fish.” If you are at all squeamish, you definitely won’t want to watch this video.

Called yumushi in much of Japan, this invertebrate is a type of marine spoon worm that is often used as fishing bait in Japan. However, according to Oishii News, it is also eaten by some people in Hokkaido. Apparently, in Hokkaido, where these creatures are called ruttsu, a common way of eating yumushi is in round slices, sashimi style. Yumushi is said to be full of nutrients and great for preventing anemia and helping dissolve blood clots. It is also supposed to be rich in flavor and taste much like mirugai clams.

In the video below, MEGWIN, who doesn’t seem to be from Hokkaido, tries to eat an entire yumushi. The video begins with him joking around that he’s going to eat something that looks a lot like a certain part of the male anatomy. Then, MEGWIN begins to examine his meal. He notes that it has an “intense ocean smell.” After the examination, MEGWIN begins to dig in. What ensues may either leave you laughing uncontrollably or without an appetite. Again, this is not for the squeamish. Translations and explanations of certain parts of the video are provided below. Bon apétit.


“It has like a beard at the tip here. Look.”
Image source: MEGWIN TV

The video comes to its climax when the director and assistant director finally reveal to MEGWIN that they obtained the yumushi at a fishing shop. This revelation comes after having implied more than once that this was not the case by telling MEGWIN that the yumushi was “food” and “intended for [human] eating.” Finally, the video ends with MEGWIN eating some properly cooked yumushi and remarking that it the “penis tastes good.”

Although you definitely shouldn’t go to your local bait shop and try this for yourself, it may be worth trying out some yumushi on your next trip to Hokkaido. Just try not to think of this video if that ever happens.

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