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Cute Idols Are Invading The Japanese Rap Scene

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 If you’ve ever wanted to see Japanese idols rapping and cursing in those high pitched anime character inspired voices that they are known for, then you’re in luck because the music producer E TICKET PRODUCTION has got your back.

 E TICKET PRODUCTION will be releasing an “Idol rap” themed mini-album called E TICKET RAP SHOW on January 10th, 2017. The mini-album will feature 7 original tracks performed by various Japanese female idols.

In anticipation of E TICKET RAP SHOW, a music video for one of the tracks from the mini-album was released on December 27th. The song, titled “FIRE LIAR,” features idol Hikari Shiina (performing as Shiina Hikarin)) in her best attempt to be the cutest hardcore rapper you’ve ever seen. The way she says “motherfucker” is simply adorable.


The mini-album also features 2 tracks performed by the teen idol Rinne Yoshida. Yoshida began her career as a fairly typical idol but earlier this year she released a music video for a song called “Rinne Rap,” which gained a lot of attention online. In the video, which can be seen below, Rinne is 15-years old and spits out some of the cutest rhymes ever recorded.

 The other Rinne Yoshida song featured on the mini-album is the sequel to Yoshida’s first rap song, “Rinne Rap 2.”

 E TICKET PRODUCTION has also released a short compilation video featuring clips from all the tracks on their upcoming mini-album.

 And just in case you want even more idol rap, don’t worry because Rinne Yoshida will be releasing her very own rap mini-album in the spring of 2017. In anticipation of this mini-album, which is still untitled, Yoshida also released a music video on December 27th. The video is for a song called “Uraharanway,” which is a combination of “Uraharajuku” (a district in Tokyo) and the word “runway.” The video features Yoshida, or RINNE HIP as she is now calling herself, with her posse rapping in the streets of Uraharajuku. The lyrics were written by YUI (BAKUBAKUDOKIN) and the track was composed by Shigeo (SBK, Steady & co. Fake Eyes Production,TheSAMOS, ATOM ON SPHERE ).

 Love it or hate it, I think most would admit that this is a fascinating new trend in the world of Japanese idols. Of course, whether this trend sticks around for very long is yet to be seen. However, the positive reception of Rinne Yoshida and the success of idol groups like Babymetal and Kamen Joshi, which are known for implementing aspects of another music genre that had previously not been associated with idols, heavy metal, seems to indicate that we may be getting a lot more of this “hardcore gangster idol rap” in the near future.

Source: Natalie News, Real Sound, Real Sound

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