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Learn How To Wash Your Hair In This Bizarre Video

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Guess who’s back?

NERFY GUINNER BIEBER (AKA Gaina), known in part for her work with the female Japanese idol group Cheeky Parade, has released an utterly bizarre music video for a new song that deals with the very important task of washing one’s hair.

How the hell do you wash hair?

This new song, called “Shampoo&conditioner,” is about exactly what you’d expect it to be about, washing your hair. And the video definitely doesn’t disappoint. Check it out below. It is one of the strangest and flashiest videos about personal hygiene that you’ll ever see.

“Shampoo&conditioner”  is Gaina’s second music video released in Japan. The first is for a song called “GARLIC&ONION” and was uploaded to YouTube in February of this year.

Do the money dance! Hip Touch!

Gaina’s first video also features the same two back-up dancers, strange outfits, and all the flashy, high-energy dance moves that Gaina is known for. The song was officially released on Cheeky Parade’s single CD, “SKY GATE” on February 24th.

Gaina started her unique career in Japan in 2015. Her debut live performance was as an opening act for Cheeky Parade. Gaina is also known as the “exercise artist.

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