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Pikotaro Appears In Tama Home Commercials

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Pikotaro and the home construction company Tama Home have teamed up in a new ad campaign which started on December 26th.

The ad campaign consists of two TV commercials. The first of the two TV spots features Pikotaro performing his rendition of Tama Home’s iconic jingle, “Happy Song.”

The second ad features Pikotaro again singing the lyrics to the “Happy Song” but this time he uses the PPAP melody.

And just in case you would like to hear a slightly more traditional rendition of the “Happy Song” watch the commercial below.

Although it may seem hard to believe for people outside of Japan Pikotaro is still quite popular in his home country. Just about every day Pikotaro is either on TV or in the news in some way and it doesn’t seem like he’ll be going away any time soon.

Source: BARKS Japan Music Network

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