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If Vegeta And Piccolo Went On A Date, It Would End With A Final Kiss [Video]

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Vegeta and Piccolo spend a magical day together.

R Fujimoto is a Japanese comedian who has made a career for himself by imitating one of the Dragon Ball franchise’s most popular characters, Vegeta. Over the course of his career, he has done a whole lot of Vegeta-inspired silly comedy routines and videos. However, perhaps one of the weirdest and even funniest (and sexiest?) has got to be a little two part movie called “Final Kiss.”

Released in December of 2016, this two part movie follows Vegeta and Piccolo as they go on a date. Yes, a date. It all begins with Piccolo talking to the camera reality TV-style, explaining that he just doesn’t understand romance. He mentions how Namekians like himself don’t even have sexes. And then he goes off on a tangent in which he seems a bit resentful toward Videl for taking Gohan from him.

After the confessional moment, we get to the beginning of this strange dating show. Vegeta sneaks up on Piccolo and makes a comment about Piccolo completely suppressing his ki.

The two go to an arcade and play a little bit of everything, just like any young couple would. Part 1 ends with Piccolo starting to appreciate the “human” way of life. He even ends by seeming to imply that he wishes to change his way of life in order to be like those who done things like start a family (Krillin, Vegeta, etc.).

Watch part 1 below.

Part 2 begins later that evening, a mere 27 minutes before the kiss that everyone is waiting for. Vegeta tells Piccolo that he’ll take him on a ferris wheel, and Piccolo, despite being a bit confused by the giant ride (apparently he had never seen one before) accepts.

On board the ferris wheel, the two chat, seeming to bond in the process. This scene ends with Piccolo seeming to gain a deeper appreciation for Vegeta after the saiyan, in his own indirect way, tells Piccolo that he needs him to become stronger.

Back on the ground, Piccolo tells Vegeta “This half day I spend with you wasn’t so bad.” And Vegeta takes this as his cue and responds with that “final kiss” that was promised in the title.

The video ends with Piccolo saying that he almost laid an egg (Piccolo, of course, has the ability to lay/spit out egs from his mouth in order to procreate), implying that he got pretty excited. Piccolo the adds that he was finally starting to understand that thing called romance. Vegeta laughs and calls him an idiot in an almost loving way.

Check out part 2 below.

For more R Fujimoto content, you can check out his YouTube channel. He regularly does Let’s Plays of Dragon Ball games.

Source: R Fujimoto YouTube
Image: FINAL KISS ~後編~【ベジータ×ピッコロ】(R Fujimoto), FINAL KISS ~前編~【ベジータ×ピッコロ】(R Fujimoto)

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