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Japanese Man Live-streams Convenience Store Crotch Play, Could Be Facing Charges (Video)

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And he wasn’t even drunk…

A man in Toyama Prefecture who live-streamed himself in a convenience store engaging in (for lack of a better term) crotch play with some of the store’s alcoholic beverages is currently under police investigation and could be facing charges.

On January 12th, the 27-year old man, who used the name “Mitsu” online, used the Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico D┼Źga to live-stream his visit to a Toyama Prefecture convenience store (Family Mart). Viewers who tuned in to Mitsu’s live-stream that day were treated to a rather crass show that involved both Mitsu’s crotch and several of the store’s alcoholic beverages.

The video below shows a short except of the problematic live-stream. In it you can see Mitsu touching his crotch and then using that same hand to touch the tops of several of the store’s cans of beer. It also shows Mitsu removing a can of chuhai (alcoholic drink) from the store’s refrigerator and placing it on his crotch. The comments of the people that were watching this live-stream can also be seen scrolling across the screen. Amusingly, a couple of the comments warn Mitsu that his actions will land him on the news. Mitsu can be overheard denying this by saying.”It’s ok. I won’t be on the news.” Mitsu, you’re on the news.

Not surprisingly, this live-stream was not received well by people online and due to this it didn’t take long for Nico Nico D┼Źga administrators to take notice of the video. On January 13th, the day after the original live-stream, Nico Nico D┼Źga responded to the criticism by shutting down the Mitsu’s account.

Then, on January 18th, Mitsu both tweeted out an apology and also apologized in person to the owner of the Toyama Prefecture convenience store.

Currently, police are looking into the matter and have even contacted Mitsu as part of their investigation. They are currently considering this a possible case of forcible obstruction of business.

Given the fact that last month a man in Aichi Prefecture was arrested after a video showing him tampering with convenience store food went viral, there definitely does appear to be a real possibility that this Toyama man may yet be arrested.

If you’d like to read more about the Aichi man from last month, who became known as the “Oden Poke Poke Man” after his video went viral, then click here.

And if you’d like to watch a CG recreation of the events outlined in this story, check out the TomoNews Japan video below.

Sources: Asahi Shinbun Digital, J-Cast News, TomoNews Japan

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