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Mr. Japan 2017 Has Been Crowned! Congratulations Kyoto (Video)

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Image source: Kyodo News

The final round of the Mr Japan competition was held on March 14th in Tokyo and a 27-year-old from Kyoto Prefecture named Taisan Matsuura has been selected as this year’s winner.

The Mr. Japan competition began in 2013 and is the male equivalent of the Miss Universe Japan pageant. Participants of Mr. Japan are not only assessed on their appearance but, according the pageant’s official website, also their intelligence, sensitivity, humanity, self-confidence and their ability to express themselves.

A total of 1,400 men applied to participate in this year’s competition. Only 19 of these applicants made it to the final round. The final consisted of an opening dance number, a formal wear round, a bathing suit round and a round in which the finalists had to give a speech.

Matsuura, who after graduating from university worked for a year in a professional musical theater troupe, currently works as the manager at a gym.

In his acceptance speech Matsuura expressed his gratitude, saying “This is thanks to all the people that have helped me in some way. I cannot thank you enough. I will try my hardest to become the number one in the world during my one year as Mr. Japan in order to not disgrace the name of Mr. Japan. And, afterwards, I do not want to become the kind of man that would bring shame to the name of Mr. Japan.”

While talking to the press, Matsuura expressed his interest in appearing in films. He said “I admire cool actors like Leonardo DiCaprio.” When asked if he wanted to appear in Hollywood movies he said “It is not impossible so if given the chance I will take it.”

Matsuura plans to participate in the 2017 Mr. International competition.

The video below shows footage of the pageant, and Matsuura’s acceptance speech. If you would like to see pictures of the other Mr. Japan finalists, you can click here.

Sources: Kyodo News, MANTAWEB, Mr. Japan official website

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