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Japanese YouTuber Tries To Get 100 Men To Kiss Him In Shibuya (Video)

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Pucker up.

Public displays of affection are not something Japanese people are known for. Yes, you do see a fair amount of hand holding when walking around Japan, but kissing in public is not only relatively rare it is still frowned upon by many people. However, views on PDA do seem to very slowly be changing. A rising number of today’s youth seem far more open to showing a little love in public than many people from previous generations and a recent video put out by the popular Japanese Youtuber Mahoto Watanabe seems like it could be proof that kissing in public isn’t as big a deal as it used to be.

The video below, which has a title that roughly translates to “I won’t go home until I kiss 100 men in Shibuya,” begins with Mahoto explaining that he gets plenty of opportunities to interact with his female fans and although he loves women and is grateful for his female followers, he also wants to interact with his male fans. In order to do this, he decided to go to Tokyo’s iconic Shibuya district and try and get 100 men to kiss him.

Check out what happens in the video below.

Although yes, these quick kisses aren’t exactly full on “PDA,” it’s still pretty interesting that Mahoto seemed to have had little to no trouble getting 100 guys to lock lips with him. It really makes you wonder if he’d be able to get to 100 so easily if he went somewhere frequented by middle aged men instead of some of Japan’s most trendy young people. Perhaps Mahoto could do this in a sequel to this video. “I won’t go home until I get 100 disgruntled middle aged Japanese businessmen on the brink of karoshi to kiss me.” Now that would be a fascinating video.

Source: Watanabe Mahoto
Image: 渋谷で男性100人とキスするまで帰れません!!Can’t go home until I kiss 100 people

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