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Introducing Japan’s Newest Crazy Game Show: The Surprise Boob Flash Memorization Quiz (Video)

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It’s crazy Japanese game show time!

Japan has a bit of a reputation for having the most ridiculous game shows and variety shows around. Although for the most part this is a gross over-generalization based on clips from old game shows from 30 or more years ago, if you look hard enough, you can still find plenty of examples of crazy and/or risque Japanese TV shows even today.

The clip below is an example of one such crazy Japanese variety show. Although it’s pretty funy without any background information, if you want to know a little bit more about what’s going on, make sure to keep scrolling past the video.

Check out the world’s first “Surprise Flash Memorization Quiz” show below.

The clip above is from a weekly Japanese variety show called HImura ga Yuku, which is broadcast on a Japanese video streaming service called Abema TV. The show stars Yuki Himura (the guy with the bowl cut), a member of the popular comedy duo Bananaman, and in the clip you can see Himura and his two guests participating in a quiz simply referred to as “Surprise Flash Memorization Quiz.”

As part of this ridiculous quiz segment, each of the participants has to try to memorize as many words as possible from a series of 10 words, each with a different theme. Round 1 is all world capitals, round 2 is all plant names, round 3 is sports and round 3 is Shinengumi members.

But as you saw in the video, there’s a whole lot more to this quiz then just memorizing words. Once each participant is around the third word Japanese adult film (JAV) actress Miku Ikuta comes out of nowhere and flashes them her boobs in an effort to distract them.

And yes, as the quiz’s name implies, at the start of the game, none of the participants knew that Ikuta would be using her body to sabotage their efforts to concentrate. In fact, the producers made sure this was the case by getting Ikuta to pose as just another staff member until the decisive moment when Himura was trying his best to memorize city names.

JAV actress Miku Ikuta

As you can tell Himura was quite surprised the first time Ikuta popped out, so naturally he didn’t do well at all at the quiz. Just check out his answer to round 1 below.

“London, Beijing, after that I don’t know. Boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs. I don’t know!”

The other two participants didn’t do much better either so it seems that the true winner of this crazy quiz is sexy Ms Miku Ikuta.

By the way, this is not a regular segment on the show. It will most likely be just a one time thing, but who knows, perhaps they could bring it back with a male flasher instead of a female flahser?

Source: Abema TV Official YouTube Channel
Image: “おっぱいVSクイズ王” セクシーADの誘惑に負けずに正解なるか!?|日村がゆく#21〜クイズの新しい夜明けを見つけるの巻〜その2|AbemaSPECIAL (Abema TV Official YouTube Channel)

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