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New Anime Song Fitness Program

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Get fit with anison!

The Japanese companies King Record and Omoshiro Hojin
Kayak have announced the release of a new fitness mobile app that allows people to
work out to popular anime songs.

Your teacher and the Afit girls
The program, which is set for release in 2017, is
called “Anison Fitness” (Anime Song Fitness), or A-fit for short, and will be an aerobic style
fitness program that will utilize motion capture technology in order to allow
users to participate in guided workouts featuring their favorite anime songs.
The program will feature a virtual “navigator” and routines developed by an assistant
teacher at the Waseda University School of Sports Sciences. Volume one will
include “Cruel Angel’s Thesis,” the opening song from the popular anime Neon
Genesis Evangelion.
Your navigator, Sakura Asahina (17-years old and in high school)

There is also a physical version of the class that
functions much like a typical aerobics style class that you would find at most

Evangelion will help you burn those calories

 Currently, the developers are working on obtaining the rights to other
songs for future volumes. The developers are also planning to
eventually sell the product internationally as well.

Time to get fit!
A promotional video for this new program was also released. The video begins with the “A-fit teacher” and his two “A-fit
girls” talking a little bit about the program. The video also briefly shows the
virtual “navigator,” named Sakura Asahina. Finally, the video shows footage of
people working out to “Cruel Angel’s Thesis.”

Although it’s still too early to tell if this program
will be a success it certainly seems like an interesting idea with a lot of
potential. I can already picture future versions featuring maids, cat
girls and popular female anime characters working out on screen with you. If
they manage to get some good licenses this thing might really take off, which
may not be a bad thing since it’ll get people to move around and get a little


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