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Japanese Beatboxer Uses Pocky To Cover “Smoke On The Water” [Video]

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The most delicious cover of “Smoke on the Water” ever.

The humble Pocky is easily one of Japan’s most instantly recognizable and beloved snacks. And for good reason. Not only are these chocolate-coated biscuit sticks delicious, they’re fun to eat. However, did you know that aside from being a great snack, Pocky can also be used to play classic rock? No? Well, neither did much of the world but a new video shows that this is absolutely possible.

Released on Sunday (Nov. 11) and titled “Pocky on the Water,” the video below shows the Japanese beatboxer Daichi performing a cover of the classic 1972 rock song “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple. However, rather than using a musical instrument or even his beatboxing skills, Daichi uses the sound of him biting into a Pocky to recreate the song’s iconic guitar riff and both the Pocky itself and the Pocky box to do the percussion. Thanks to what surely was some very time consuming editing, all these random sounds come together in a truly impressive way, so check it out below. Just keep in mind that you might feel like eating Pocky after watching this.

By the way, in case you’re wondering why Daichi decided to do this, that has to do with the date the video was released. November 11 (11/11) is Pocky Day in Japan. This is due to the number one resembling a Pocky. Therefore, 11/11 looks like four Pocky all lined up and ready to be eaten… or be turned into edible musical instruments.

Source: Daichi Beatboxer
Image: Pocky on the Water (Daichi Beatboxer)

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