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No Rice No Life Declares New Pro-Rice Music Video (Video)

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Image source: No Rice No Life

Last week (Mar. 17), Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) released a music video for a super catchy song that might just make you want to go out and eat a big bowl of rice.

This short music video features three women, including a 60-year-old professional dancer named Tachiflower, in traditional Japanese dress, dancing to a song called “Kome Dance No Rice No Life.” Kome means rice and if you didn’t already know that, then you will because that word comes up a whole lot in this song.

This music video was created by JA as a way of promoteing the consumption of domestically grown rice. The song’s lyrics point out how healthy rice is and how eating rice can make you happier.

Checkout the video below.

Although no details have not been revealed yet, the official website for the No Rice No Life promotional campaign states that there will be a “Rice Dance” contest soon. So, if you’re interested in entering you might want to start practicing your Rice Dance moves now.

Source: Jiji Press

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