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Get On The “Tokyo Roller Coaster”

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation has released a promotional video that is getting attention online for its cool and stylish vibe.

The video, called “Tokyo Roller Coaster,” takes viewers on a roller coaster like trip through Japan’s second longest underground railway, Tokyo’s Oedo Subway Line. The Oedo Subway Line is one of many lines that make up the Toei Subway system. It is also famous for being home to Roppon Station, which is the deepest subway station in Japan (42.3 meters deep).

With a soundtrack performed by the Japanese rapper SALU this video ends up feeling far more like a music video than a commercial for public transportation. The song used in the video is also called “Tokyo Roller Coaster” and was composed by by Shingo Sekiguchi. Lyrics were written and performed by SALU.
 Since the release of the video, many people on Twitter have been complimenting it for its “cool” and “stylish” presentation, which is quite different from the calm and somber image that many people have of public transportation.

The video was released as part of PROJECT TOEI, a campaign began in August intended to raise awareness of Toei Transportation.

Source: Nftty News

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