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70-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Pimping Out 69-Year-Old Woman

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In Japan prostitution really is the oldest profession in the world.

As Japan’s population continues to age, more and more problems are beginning to arise. While many of these problems are expected, some are anything but. Take for example, a news story which just broke earlier today in Japan, involving an elderly pimp got arrested for allegedly pimping out her elderly prostitute.

According to Tokyo Metropolitan Police, on April 16, Yumiko Ono, the 70-year-old manager of a kind of call girl service referred to in Japan as “delivery health” dispatched a 69-year-old woman to engage in sexual intercourse with a 69-year-old male client in a hotel in Tokyo’s Taito Ward.

Ono has been arrested for violating the Anti-Prostitution Laws. She has admitted to the allegations.

Authorities say that Ono operated a call girl service called Deai Juku, which specialized in mature married women (jukujo-kei hitozuma). The business employed a total of 13 women, ranging in age from 37-72 and with an average age of 54.

Over the past 12 years it is believed that Ono’s business brought in more than 200 million yen (~$1.8 million) in sales.

Source: FNN, Sankei News
Featured Image: (Image of suspect, Yumiko Ono) 売春周旋で70歳女逮捕 72歳の売春婦も… (FNN)

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