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“Boobtuber” Yuu Tejima Releases MV for Her Hit Song “Exposed Breast Paparazzi” [Video]

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This music video is located at the intersection of “absurdly silly” and “NSFW.”

On Friday (7/26) the gravure idol (swimsuit/lingerie model) and entertainer Yuu Tejima released the full-version of the music video for her hit song “Hamichichi Paparacchi” (literally “Exposed Breast Paparazzi”).

Check out the video below. Keep scrolling for more information on the song and Yu Tejima.

Tejima’s new track is a catchy high-energy Eurobeat song that she released at the end of May. The track quickly became a hit reaching the number one spot in the Oricon Music Store daily download rankings.

The release of “Hamichichi Paparacchi” marks Tejima’s return to music after six years without releasing a new song. Tejima used the release of the song to rebrand herself as a “NYouTuber.” This is a play on the word YouTuber and nyū, which is one possible reading of the kanji meaning “breasts” (乳). In other words, she’s calling herself a “BoobTuber.” However, it is not clear yet if this is just a one-time joke or if she intends to go the route of fellow gravute idol Erina Kamiya and start making YouTube videos regularly.

The music video features Tejima front-and-center using every opportunity to show off her famous I-cup breasts. Naturally, there’s also a part that shows a rocket blasting off.

Unfortunately for viewers wishing to see Tejima’s cleavage in all its glory, they will have to go to the Japanese website more and fork over 381 yen in order to download the uncensored version (link here).

Not surprisingly, the lyrics of the song are all about breasts. In fact, the song starts with “Chichi ga deta deta” (The boobs have come out, have come out) and only gets more ridiculous from there.For example, one of the silliest lines in the entire song is “Zenbei ga naita watashi no porori.” “Zenbei ga naita” means “Everyone across the United States cried” and is a reference to a trope seen in Japanese movie trailers of American movies. This line is a bit of hyperbole that is used to indicate that the movie it is referring to is an emotionally-charged tearjerker. Meanwhile, “watashi no porori” means “my nip slip.” In short, this line in the song is saying that a hypothetical nip slip from Tejima would be so beautiful that it would move all of the U.S. to tears.

At 36 years old Yuu Tejima is no stranger to the spotlight. She has been working in some way or another in Japan’s entertainment industry for roughly 20 years. However, if she plays her cards right she may just be able to spin this recent success into a whole new chapter in her career.

By the way, you can watch another Yuu Tejima music video below. The video below is for Tejima’s 2013 song “Danshingu Chibusa,” which means “Dancing Breasts.” Unfortunately, it’s only the short version of the video.

Source: Netatopi
Image: NYOUTUBER(手島優) / ハミ乳パパラッチ(FULL、モザイク ver.)(NYOUTUBER Tejima Yu Official YouTube Channel)

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