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Learn How To Poop “Intensely” And “Acrobatically” With These Japanese YouTube Videos

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File this one under “Don’t try this at home.”

“Intense” and “acrobatic” are not words that tend to be associated with the act of evacuating one’s bowels. However, there’s a Japanese YouTuber who seems very intent on changing that.

The name of this YouTuber is Omamesanshiro. Although he’s particularly well-known for doing “Let’s Play” type videos of pachinko games, he also does many other kinds of videos, including a whole lot of silly animated shorts.

In September of 2015, Omamesanshiro squeezed out the first of his absurd poop videos. Titled How to Poop Intensely (Acrobatic Pooping), the video did exactly what you’d expect: it showed off different bizarre and needlessly complicated ways of pooping. The poop methods in this first video include: The Shachihoko (based on a mythical Japanese creature with the head of a tiger and the body of a carp which is typically depicted with its tail up in the air), The Rainbow Bridge (named after one of Tokyo’s most famous bridges), The Seesaw, The Merry-go-round, The Daimonji (a pose meant to resemble the kanji character 大 which means “big”), The Giant Swing, The Totem Pole, and The Fountain (perhaps chocolate fountain would have been more appropriate for this one).

Check out the video below.

Since its release, this silly video has managed to get well over 650,000 views. Not surprisingly, this seems to have motivated Omamesanshiro to produce a part 2.

Released early this month (Jan 3), Omamesanshiro’s latest educational poop video shows off several new crazy ways to poop. However, this time around he changes things up by focusing on Japan’s infamous squatting toilets.

The forms he shows off in part 2 are: The Standing Side Split, The Inchworm, The Hand-spinner, The Grand Flight, The Parachute, The Pyramid,The Piledriver, and the Sky Love Hurricane (named after a move performed by the Tachibana twins, two characters from the classic soccer anime Captain Tsubasa).

Check out part 2 below.

If you’re curious about the Sky Love Hurricane, check out the video below. The only thing more absurd than this two man acrobatic soccer move is the poop version of it seen in the video above.

Source: Omamesanshiro TV
Image: 激しいうんちの仕方「アクロバティックうんち」 (Omamesanshiro TV)

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