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Seeing Japan While Blind (Maud Rowell) | Japan Station 112

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On this episode of Japan Station, I talk to Maud Rowell, a freelance journalist and writer who spent a year traveling around Japan.

Topics Discussed

  • About Maud Rowell
  • About traveling around Japan as a person with a visual impairment
  • About Blind Spot
  • About becoming interested in Japan
  • About getting a scholarship to travel around a Japan for a year
  • About visiting Hachijojima (é’ăƒ¶ćł¶) and Aogashima
  • About public transportation in Japan
  • About tactile paving/yellow braille blocks
  • About accessibility for the blind in Japan
  • About doing the 88 Temple Pilgrimmage in Shikoku
  • And much more

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Links, Videos, Etc.


Fore more on Maud Rowell

  • Blind Spot – Maud Rowell: https://www.404ink.com/store/inklings-blind-spot
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/where.birds.wont.go/

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