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What’s the deal with fish girl on a cliff? (Ponyo) | Ichimon Japan 05

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Today’s Question

On this episode of Ichimon Japan we ask: What’s the deal with “fish girl on a cliff?” And by “fish girl on a cliff” we mean the 2008 Studio Ghibli film Ponyo.

Topics Discussed

  • The general reception of Ponyo
  • Whether Ponyo was better received in the West or in Japan
  • The “catchiness” of the theme from Ponyo
  • A review of the major events of Ponyo
  • Ponyo’s fondness of human blood
  • The meaning of Ponyo’s name and an analysis of why Sosuke chose the name Ponyo
  • Some of the omissions found in the English dub
  • The relationship between Sosuke and Risa
  • Sosuke’s mother’s reckless driving and her carefree personality
  • Why Sosuke does not call Risa “mom” or “mother” (i.e. the prevalence of yobisute in Ponyo)
  • Some of the most memorable scenes in Ponyo
  • Random Ponyo trivia
  • The peculiar interaction between Ponyo, Sosuke, and the stranded young couple holding a baby
  • Some of the themes and possible messages found within Ponyo
  • Speculation about what the supposedly planned Ponyo sequel could have been like
  • What Hayao Miyazaki has said about what might happen to Ponyo and Sosuke after the end of Ponyo
  • Whether Ponyo and Sosuke’s relationship could be described as “romantic”
  • How we think Ponyo stacks up to other Studio Ghibli films
  • Whether we enjoyed Ponyo or not
  • And more!

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Sources, Links, Videos, Etc.

If you too want to watch Ponyo, there are a few different ways to do so. To watch Ponyo while at the same time supporting the show, use one of the Amazon affiliate links below.

Here’s the official English-language trailer of Ponyo.

Below is a link to a Japanese-language article that discusses why Sosuke addresses his parents by their first names (yobisute).

Check out episode 32 of Japan Station via the link below.

We Want Your Questions

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