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Super Nintendo World Set to Open Summer 2020 at Universal Studios Japan, Here’s What We Know

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An overview of the information currently available on Universal Studios’ upcoming Nintendo-themed land: Super Nintendo World

Almost five years ago a partnership was announced to bring the Japanese video game giant Nintendo to Universal Studios theme parks. The first iteration of Universal Studios Super Nintendo World is currently looking like it will open in Osaka, Japan in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Universal Studios has not confirmed an exact date and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they hold off until they are absolutely sure that every last element will be ready to go without a hitch. After all, they surely don’t want a repeat of what happened last year when Universal Studios faced technical bumps with the opening of Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike adventure at Universal Studios Orlando, which resulted in periods of downtime and wait times of over 10 hours. All that is not to say that Super Nintendo World is a total mystery, because although it’s been slow to come out, the information that is known suggests that it will be quite an exciting place for theme park lovers and Nintendo fans alike.

A Silent Affair

In an era where the only thing that companies seem to care about is creating buzz on social media, it’s been almost strange to see how little Universal Studios and Nintendo have tried to remain in the headlines by regularly releasing information in the years following the 2015 announcement of their partnership. Ever since Universal released its initial teaser with Nintendo in November of 2016, featuring Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and Universal Creative’s President Mark Woodbury, Universal has essentially acted like this project doesn’t exist for the last four years.

Super Nintendo World Teaser

A Different Experience at each Park

According to Universal’s plans, each of the Super Nintendo Worlds at the different Universal Studios locations will be quite similar in its design, shops, and restaurants. However, each Super Nintendo World will feature different rides and attractions. Looking at Japan it seems that it’ll be receiving a park that closely resembles the initial released concept art. Japan just like all the other rumored parks will be receiving the Mushroom Kingdom courtyard, a restaurant by the name of Toadstool Café, meet-and-greet experiences and interactive play areas and even an enclosed indoor play area.

The Main Attractions

The two main Super Nintendo World attractions at Universal Studios Japan are planned to be one based on the popular Mario Kart series and another starring Mario’s dinosaur sidekick, Yoshi. The Mario Kart attraction is rumored to be an extremely ambitious ride by Universal Creative with many different rumored possible elements to be included. The Mario Kart attraction will be the biggest Nintendo attraction and according to Universal Studios; “this ride will be the most immersive and cutting-edge technological attraction that they could possibly imagine.” The ride is set to feature two tracks putting visitors on a side-by-side adventure creating the effect that they are in fact racing alongside another car with physical riders and also implementing other kart features and characters from the Mario Kart game. Riders are expected to take part in all of the normal race tracks from the games including the awesome Rainbow Road.

The Yoshi Omnimover ride would be quite similar to Disney’s Haunted Mansion, with a constant moving vehicle in a slow state moving through sets and scenes. This ride is described as a family attraction that would allow visitors to ride on a Yoshi and should present opportunities for some great views of the Mushroom Kingdom. This family ride is expected to come with a lot of physical sets and props including many animatronic figures that you would expect from the Yoshi world.

Power Up Bands

In September 2019, Tom Williams, CEO of Universal Parks, introduced the idea of using a combination of wearable technology and a smartphone app to provide Super Nintendo World guests with an even more immersive experience. These wristbands are now officially known as Power Up Bands and according to Universal Studios; “using a combination of state-of-the-art technology – a wearable wrist band called a Power Up Band – and a specially designed app will bring the world of Nintendo to life in a whole new way for guests”.

A video of the announcement of the Power Up Bands

No Monkey Business

Absent from the current Universal Studios Japan line up of attractions is a rumored Donkey Kong-themed roller coaster. According to the expansion plans, they have an area of expansion where this could potentially go but as of now construction hasn’t begun in this area of the park.

Waiting for Summer 2020

Even though many Super Nintendo World details remain unconfirmed, this addition to Universal Studios Japan promises to be an exciting full-scale living Nintendo wonderland. With adventures like Mushroom Kingdom, Peach’s Castle, Bowser’s Fortress, Mario Kart and many more Super Nintendo World will no doubt be drawing massive crowds to Osaka when it opens later this year.

A promotional music video released by Universal Studios Japan to promote Super Nintendo World. The song in the video is titled “WE ARE BORN TO PLAY.” It is by Galantis and features Charli XCX .

Featured image: Universal Studios Japan Press Release

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