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J-YouTuber Turns Men’s Underwear (And More) Into A Sharp Knife Fit For The Kitchen [Video]

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The sharpest looking underwear you’ve ever seen.

From the legendary katana that samurai carried into battle, to some of the best kitchen knives around, Japan is known for being responsible for some of the most finely crafted blades in the world. As such, perhaps it shouldn’t be all that surprising that there is a Japanese YouTube channel that has become quite famous for videos in which a talented bladesmith skillfully creates all sorts of interesting knives. However, what is most definitely surprising is the unconventional materials this guy uses.

The channel in question is called Kiwami Japan and one of its most recent video beautifully exemplifies what has caused many of the videos on the channel to rack up millions upon millions of views. In this video, the Kiwami Japan blade master turns the fabric from some men’s cotton boxers and poly blend boxer briefs into no less than a knife sharp enough to cut meat, vegetables, and paper. Check out how he achieves this in the video below (the video features plenty of English on-screen text explaining the materials and process).

Previous videos seen on the Kiwami Japan channel are just as if not even more surprising. For example, right before the underwear video, there was one in which a plastic 500 ml Coca-Cola bottle got turned into a knife.

There’s also been one in which gelatin, a.k.a. Jello, gets transformed into a cutting tool. This one is perhaps one of Kiwami Japan’s most well known ones.

There’s also one where aluminum foil gets the knife treatment.

Plastic wrap… yes, the stuff you use to cover your leftovers, has also been turned into a blade.

Here’s a knife made out of chocolate (perfect for Valentine’s Day).

And finally, here’s one where Japan’s most beloved food, rice, gets changed into a knife.

Suffice it to say, this guy is like an alchemist of knives. Give him anything and he’ll find a way to turn it into something you’ll be able to cut cucumbers with.

Kiwami Japan has plenty of other interesting videos, both knife-realated and non-knife-related, so if you’re interested in more, then check out the channel here.

Source: Kiwami Japan YouTube
Image: パンツで包丁作り、はじめました (Kiwami Japan YouTube)

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