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Taito Opens Space Invaders Pop Up Store In Osaka To Celebrate Game’s 40th Anniversary

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Please do not shoot at any sideways walking employees.

Along with Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and a handful of others, Space Invaders is easily one of the most well known and beloved games of the early days of arcades. This year marked the 40th year since those little crab-like aliens began trying to take over earth and in order to celebrate this momentous event the Japanese video game developer and publisher Taito will be opening a pop up store totally dedicated to Space Invaders in the heart of Osaka City.

Located across from Osaka Station on the first floor of the Yodobashi Camera electronics store, the limited time shop will be called SPACE INVADERS ROOM and will operate from August 9 until January 29, 2019.

Inside the store, customers will find a selection of Space Invaders themed merchandise, including t-shirts, bags, and even water.

Hockey Jersey (4,000 JPY)

Instructions T-shirt – Red & Black (3,000 JPY)

Instructions T-shirt – White & Black (3,000 JPY)

40th Anniversary T-shirt (3,000 JPY)

Camouflage T-shirt (3,000 JPY)

Orange Nylon Shoulder Bag (2,500 JPY)

Space Invaders Water (1 bottle 250 JPY, set of 3 700 JPY)

The SPACE INVADERS ROOM will also feature four different attractions that will allow visitors to experience Space Invaders in totally new ways.

First up there’s Space Invaders Gigamax, which is an updated version of Space Invaders that up to eight people can play simultaneously.

Space Invaders Gigamax

Next, there’s Arkinvaders, which involves projecting legions of invading aliens onto a wall and floor and having customers kick them back to their home planet.


There’s also Noborinvaders, which combines indoor rock climbing, indoor rock climbing and, of course, pixel-based aliens.


And finally, there’s Bahamut Disco featuring Space Invaders, which is a fully immersive music game that will have players battling aliens to the beat of some high energy dance tracks.

Bahamut Disco featuring Space Invaders

Each of these games will cost 600 yen for a single play. However,  for 2,000 yen you can play all four once.

SPACE INVADERS ROOM will also be running a Space Invaders themed scavenger hunt/riddle game which will have players solving messages sent to them from the evil aliens and take them all around the Yodobashi building. In order to play you must purchase a kit which costs 1,000 yen.

Space Invaders Real Riddle Solving Game


Yodobashi Camera Umeda First Floor
1-1 Ofukacho, Kita, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 530-0011, Japan

Source: 4Gamer, Taito
Featured image: SPACE INVADERS ROOM Twitter
Image: Taito

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