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Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Episode 3: A Full English Translation and Breakdown of the Long Awaited Conclusion [Video]

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The epic conclusion to the Gundam VS Hello Kitty saga!

2019 marked the 40th anniversary of the 1979 anime series Mobile Suit Gundam, as well as the 45th anniversary of Sanrio’s most famous character, Hello Kitty. As such late in March of last year it was announced that the two companies behind these massive properties, Bandai and Sanrio, would be teaming up in a fun promotional project titled “Gundam vs. Hello Kitty.”

While the name of this project instantly brings to mind images of Sanrio’s white mouthless cat duking it out with a giant robot, the title is a bit misleading since the whole project is essentially an online popularity contest with all sorts of related merchandise and events.

More interesting than all that, though, is the fact that the companies behind the project went so far as to have the anime production studio Sunrise produce a short series of videos starring none other than Ms. Kitty White herself and Amuro Ray from Mobile Suit Gundam (in the pilot seat of the RX-78-2 model Gundam of course).

The first of these videos was released last March and can be found here, along with a full translation and explanation of everything that happens in the video.

Episode two of the Gundame meets Hello Kitty saga dropped in July of last year. For a full breakdown, as well as a translation of that video you can go to this Japankyo article.

Unfortunately, it took more than six months for the third and final episode in this video series to be released but earlier this week part three finally dropped. You can check out the video below. But just in case you want a quick recap of everything that has happened thus far, here goes.

Kitty White is at home one day preparing for a tea party when suddenly her TV comes turns on and begins to show Amuro in his Gundam caught in a fierce battle. Seeing that he seems to be suffering, she decides to go meet with him to save him by teaching him that everybody can just be friends. Somehow Kitty not only flies to outer space but also grows to a size comparable to that of a mobile suit. Not surprisingly, Amuro is totally surprised by the sight of a giant cute mouthless cat with the ability to talk floating in outer space. He thinks she might be an enemy perhaps using some new kind of mobile suit. Kitty tries to convince him that there is no need to fight. Amuro doesn’t buy it. And then episode two ends in a cliffhanger with an enemy laser beam coming straight at Kitty.

Now that you’re caught up. Enjoy episode three. Just like previous episodes this one too does not have English-language subtitles. So if you want a complete breakdown and/or a translation of the dialog keep scrolling down past the video.

Summary of Episode 3 of Gundam vs. Hello Kitty

Episode three–titled “Love ・Soldier.”–picks up right where episode two left off: with an enemy laser beam headed straight at Kitty. However, without even flinching Kitty takes the attack head on. That’s because she uses some kind of force field to dissipate the attack (who knew she had that ability?). Then she goes over to introduce herself to the enemy mobile suit and quickly befriends it. By the way, the enemy mobile suit is a super deformed and (SD) and very cute version of a Zaku unit. Kitty then tells Amuro to join her so she can introduce him to her new friend. Utterly confused at what he just saw, Amuro questions Kitty, asking what the heck she even is. Kitty responds by saying that she is “everyone’s friend.” This results in a cautious Amuro fleeing the scene as Kitty chases after him. We then see more SD mobile suits pop up on screen, seemingly alluding to a friendship between the two sides of the war Amuro is in. And then Kitty appears to use her power to communicate telepathically (yes, this is a documented power she has) to talk to Amuro. We aren treated to a scene featuring Amuro not in his Gundam and Kitty talking about how people can become friends if they just learn to understand each other. Finally, we return back to the material world where Amuro expresses that he is willing to give talking it out a shot. Having decided that he will work together with Kitty to bring people together and thus bring the war to an end, him and Kitty fly toward the screen, bring this peculiar chapter in the history of Hello Kitty and Gundam to an end.

Presumably, Kitty’s entry into Gundam’s Universal Century (UC) timeline led to neverending peace and retconned everything that came after the original Gundam series. Sorry Gundam fans. It looks like this may be the new canon.

English Translation of Episode 3 of Gundan vs. Hello Kitty

Here is every single line translated into English.

Amuro Ray: Kitty! Huh? What?! What just happened…? Kitty!
Hello Kitty: It’s a pleasure to meet you! My name is Kitty! What’s your name?
Amuro Ray: That’s a…
Hello Kitty: Amuro! Come over! I’ll introduce you!
Amuro Ray: What is this?
Hello Kitty: Huh? What’s wrong Amuro?
Amuro Ray: Stop! Kitty, what in the world are you?
Hello Kitty: Hm? Kitty is everyone’s friend!
Amuro Ray: What did you just do? What kind of weapon did you use?
Hello Kitty: Weapon? Come on Amuro. For now just calm down and we’ll have a chat.
Amuro Ray: Don’t get any closer! Get away!
Hello Kitty: Ah! Amuro! Wait! Wait! Amuro!
Amuro Ray: What are you doing here? (literal: Why did you appear in front of me?)
Hello Kitty: Amuro!
Amuro Ray: Just because I met you, that doesn’t change anything!
Hello Kitty: That’s not true! It’s through our encounters with others that people are able to understand each other. That’s why I came to see you. If we were all to understand each other and become friends, there would be no need for conflict!
Amuro Ray: But how can people come ot understand each other? If that was possible, things wouldn’t have reached this point.
Hello Kitty: It’s ok! If we work together, we’ll be able to bring this conflict to an end! Believe in me! Amuro!
Amuro Ray: I can’t say that I can do it but I have no choice.
Hello Kitty: With my standing by a Newtype like yourself, it will all turn out ok!
Amuro Ray: Yeah. Together with you, I may just be able to bring this conflict to an end. Let’s go!
Hello Kitty: Uh huh!
Amuro Ray: Gunda, Amuro Ray!
Hello Kitty: Kitty White!
Amuro Ray & Hello Kitty in unison: Let’s do it!

Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Uncut

By the way, a video featuring episodes one through three without any cuts was also released. You can view that one below. But if you’d like more detailed breakdowns and full English translations, you’ll have to check out the articles linked further down.

To watch episode one, check out the article below.

Gundam Vs. Hello Kitty Episode 1: A Full Translation [Video]

To view episode two, check out the article below.

Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Episode 2: A Full Translation [Video]

Source: Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Project YouTube Channel
Image: ガンダムvsハローキティプロジェクト特別PV第3話「愛・戦士」 (Gundam vs. Hello Kitty YouTube Channel)

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