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Presenting Ichimon Japan: A Podcast by Japankyo.com [Trailer]

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That’s right! Japankyo.com is about to launch a second podcast, so check out the trailer above!

About Ichimon Japan

Set to launch in early 2020 (likely January), Ichimon Japan will offer listeners insight into all aspects of Japan, its culture, language, history, society, and pop culture.

Every episode hosts Tony and Ryan will ask one question (ichimon) about Japan. Drawing on their own experiences in Japan, their knowledge of the Japanese language and linguistics, and plenty of research using both Japanese and English-language sources, they’ll do everything they can to answer the question at hand. Along the way, they’ll also have a few laughs and go off on a few peculiar tangents.

Ichimon Japan Release Schedule

Ichimon Japan is slated to be released monthly. Bonus episodes may be released regularly. Information will be forthcoming.

We Want Your Questions

Is there something about Japan that confuses you? Is there something about Japanese culture that you would like to learn more about? Is there something in Japanese history that you would like us to explain? We’re always looking for new questions about Japan to answer, so if you have one, please send it to ichimon@japankyo.com.

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Special Thanks

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Ichimon Japan cover art: Produced by Erik R.

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