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Japanese Hip Hop Group Sushiboys Sings The Praises Of “Duck Boats” In New Music Video [Video]

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Quack quack yo!

The Japanese hip hop group Sushiboys has come out with a music video featuring a song tailor-made for the next time you find yourself cruising around with your posse on one of those swan-shaped paddle boats often seen at parks.

Released on August 13, the group’s latest video is for a track called “Ahiru Bōto” (literally “duck boat”) from their most recent mini-album, Wasabi, which was released in April of this year.

This peculiar title does not appear to be some kind of metaphor or slang term either. What you see is what you get in this case. The video features plenty of footage of the three Sushiboys riding around in a paddle boat shaped like a swan, a sunglasses wearing inflatable duck, and on stage performing while audience members toss around an inflatable duck.

As for the lyrics, they too focus on duck boats. The chorus for example roughly translates to “Riding the duck boat, Pedaling the duck boat, Riding the duck boat, All the way to the ocean. Yeah! Yeah!”

And to top it all off, the song itself is pretty catch and may result in you having the phrase ahiru bōto stuck in your head for days.

Learn about the beauty and wonder of duck boats for yourself in the video below.

If you made it through the entire song, then you’re probably curious who exactly these guys are. For that we turn to the group’s official website. However, the info there only seems to add to the “unique” nature and feel of the Sushiboys.

Originally from Ogosemachi in Saitama Prefecture, the group is made up of three MCs going by the names of Farmhouse, Evidence, and Santena. The three met while working at the same convenience store and the group was formed after Farmhouse witnessed Evidence and Santena chowing down on tekkamaki sushi rolls that had been discarded (probably at the end of the day when leftovers get disposed of). And no, this last peculiar tidbit is not elaborated on whatsoever.

Their website also explains that even though they started out with a “super gangster” style, they were inspired to change to their current “phantasmagoric” style after one day the guys saw unrestrained sheep moving around freely on a ranch they were visiting.

They released their debut album in 2017, called Nigiri, but the group started getting noticed quite a bit before then due in large part to their YouTube videos.

Since first becoming active on YouTube in 2015 the trio has been releasing plenty of interesting songs and music videos. Here’s a few of their most interesting offerings.

First up we have a track by Farmhouse which sings the praises of green tea and is very appropriately called “Ryokucha” (green tea). If you’re familiar with the brand names of Japanese teas, like Ayataka and Iemon, you’ll want to listen for those because Farmhouse brings them up numerous times.

Here’s a video for “Pokemon Master,” which is all about becoming, you guessed it, a Pokemon master.

Here’s one called “Danborghini.” The title is a combination of the Japanese word for cardboard (danbōru) and the name of the famous Italian car maker, Lamborghini. As such the video prominently features a car covered in cardboard.

Here’s another track from Wasabi. This one is inspired by mamachari, a ubiquitous type of bicycle seen in Japan that tend to look somewhat old-fashioned and have baskets.

Here’s another solo track by Farmhouse. This one is called “Okome Tabero’ (literally Eat rice!). In it Farmhouse sings the praises of Japan’s beloved rice and commands people ot eat it. Farmhouse seems to have a particular affinity for rapping about Japanese things and agriculture.

If you’d like to check out more of the group’s music videos, check out their YouTube channel here.

Source: Official Sushiboys website, Sushiboys YouTube, X
Image: アヒルボート SUSHIBOYS (Sushiboys YouTube)

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