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Learn How To Make Energy Drink Cup Noodles With This Ridiculous Cooking ‘Tutorial’ (Video)

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Image source: Megwin TV

Last month (Mar. 27) the world of instant noodles took a step into uncharted territory when Japanese food company Nissin released “Cup Noodle Energy Miso Ginger Big,” a unique fusion of their popular instant noodle product and energy drink inspired ingredients.

With a pork based broth laced with miso, ginger, garlic, the amino acid arginine and the vitamin B variant niacin, this very unique Cup Noodle flavor seems to be specifically created for hungry students looking for an energy boost during all-night study sessions.

Cup Noddle Energy Miso Ginger Big
Image source: Nisssin Official Website

So how does it taste? Apparently, a lot of people seem to really like it. People on Japanese social media have reacted quite positively to this peculiar Cup Noodle variant. However, if you don’t like ginger these noodles may not be for you. According to many Twitter users these noodles have a potent ginger flavor which may be too much for some.

How can I get my hands on some?

Since Cup Noodle Energy Miso Ginger is not being sold outside of Japan at this time, you either have to be in Japan or somehow have a pack imported if you want to taste these noodles for yourself. However, if you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, you could just try to make some  energy noodles for yourself, much like the popular Japanese YouTuber Megwin did in a totally ridiculous cooking video he released last month.

The ‘instructional’ video below, features Megwin using an actual energy drink, ginger, miso and a Cup Noodle pack to make his own original version of Nissin’s energy noodles. However, it also shows Megwin do a slew of other completely unnecessary things, such as shooting a Kikoho (a Dragon Ball Z technique) and stroking the energy drink can in a very suggestive way.

No Japanese is necessary to appreciate the insanity of this ‘tutorial.’ However, if you’d like to know how Megwin’s creation tasted make sure to keep reading.

Megwin very clearly states that these noodles taste “great.” He remarks that the sour flavor of the energy drink works really well with the mild flavor of the miso and the invigorating taste of the ginger. So even though these noodles don’t taste the same as the origianal Nissin version, it definitely seems like something worth trying out. Even if you do make your own energy drink noodles, don’t expect it to give you the ability to blow up airplanes though. Only Megwin can do that.

Sources: J-Cast News, Megwin TV, Nisssin Official Website

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