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Breakdancing Don Quijote “Employees” Wow Japanese Twitter Users (Video)

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Don’t try this in the infamously narrow aisles of Don Quijote.

Store employees in Japan receive extensive training when they begin working somewhere. Aside from covering basic things like how to operate a cash register, companies also teach their employees things like how to properly speak to customers. Don Quijote, one of Japan’s most well-known chains of discount stores, is no exception. However, according to a recent tweet, on top of all the standard training Don Quijote employees have to go through, they also have to learn the impressive dance routine seen in the video below!

Tweet translation
“The illusory dance that all Don Quijote employees have to learn before anything else. (just kidding)”

As the text in the tweet indicates, the video above is just a joke. The “employees” seen dancing in front of a Don Quijote in the video are actually dancers that belong to a “hip hop entertainment” group called Beat Buddy Boi.

The remix of that catchy Don Quijote jingle that can be heard in the video was done by a member of the dance group named Ryo. He is also the person who tweeted out the video.

Don Quijote has yet to comment on whether they will implement this dance into their employee training program.

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Image: @Ryoverflow

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