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Konami To Release Music Game About Beautiful Dancing Anime Boys [Video]

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Unleash your dance killer technique.

Among the many games that the Japanese game developer Konami has produced over the course of its long history, it’s possible to find an ample amount of music games. These include offerings like Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania, and Para Para Paradise. However, it looks like Konami is looking to attract a whole new type of demographic into the world of music games with their upcoming release: Dankira!!! Boys, be Dancing!.

This new mobile game is set at Benzuru Academy, a junior high and high school dedicated to dance and populated by beautiful anime boys all aspiring to be the Dankirameister (aka the top dancer at this elite school).

The “dan” in Dankira is derived from the word “dance” and kira comes from the term “killer technique.” In the game, players must win dance battles and part of the way they do that is by performing these special cooperative “dankira” dance techniques.

The game features five dance teams (see images below)  consisting of a total of 15 beautiful guys, each of course, with their own unique personalities, quirks, and preferred dance styles.

Merry Panic



Theatre Bell


Although the game has yet to receive an official release date, Konami recently released a promotional video which shows off some of the gameplay and plenty of footage of the pretty young dancers doing their thing.

Konami has also made public an official website for the game, which contains more images and information about the characters, story, and game (all in Japanese).

The game is planned to be available via the Google Play store and and the Apple app store, once it is released.

Source: Social Game Info
Image: 『ダンキラ!!! – Boys, be DANCING! -』プロモーションムービー (Official Konami YouTube)

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