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Japanese Fried Chicken Chain Offers Customers Pop Idol “Girl Sweat” Flavored Karaage

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It could be worse…

A chain of shops specializing in karaage (Japanese-style fried chicken) called Tenka Torimasu has teamed-up with the Japanese pop idol group Kamen Joshi (Masked Girls) to create a special limited-time karaage that is intended to taste like the sweat of a pop idol.

Thankfully, this bizarrely themed fried chicken is not actually covered in anyone’s sweat. Although it may literally be called “Girl’s sweat flavored karaage” in reality these delicious treats are just bite-sized pieces of deep fried Japanese-style fried chicken covered in a bit of salt in order to recreate the salty flavor of sweat, some lemon juice for a hint of sourness and a touch of cheese flavor to give it a little aftertaste (who knew sweat had a cheesy aftertaste?). According to Tenka Torimasu, this trifecta of flavors is supposed to recreate the “refreshing” taste of a girl’s sweat (so female sweat is refreshing?).

Despite not actually having donated any sweat (as far as we know) during the development of this product Kamen Joshi members like the group’s leader Anna Tachibana are definitely involved in its promotion. Tachibana even put out an official statement asking people to try the new karaage (which is supposed to taste like her sweat). The statement read, “Wow! To be able to taste the refreshing flavor of an idol’s sweat, this is the karaage of your dreams! This is the kind of thing that was only possible thanks to the crazy team-up between Kamen Joshi and Tenka Torimasu. Please try the “Girl’s sweat flavored karaage!!!”

Anna Tachibana

Tenka Torimasu’s sweaty chicken went on sale on Tuesday (Aug. 1) and will be available at most Tenka Torimasu locations until October 31st. Each serving costs 400 JPY, which seems like a pretty small price to pay to get to taste the sweat of a pop idol.

Kamen Joshi is of course no stranger to bizarre PR stunts, check out the articles below if you want to learn more about some of the other ridiculous things these masked idols have done.

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