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Mascot Character Gets Head Stuck In Doorway During Press Conference In Okinawa (Video)

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Life isn’t easy when your head is 3 feet wide.

Last week a mascot character in Japan had a very embarrassing little accident when it was unable to pass through a doorway due to its head being too large.

The embarrassing incident occurred on August 10 at the Ogimi Village administrative office in Okinawa Prefecture during a press conference, which had it not been for the way in which it ended would not have been particularly newsworthy outside of Okinawa.

As a way of ending the press conference in a fun way the village had planned to have their mascot Ogimishichan (おおぎみシーちゃん)  make an appearance shortly before the culmination of the event. However, it appears that no one checked whether Ogimishichan’s large head would fit through the doorway leading into the room where the press conference was being held, because when it came time for Ogimishichan’s grand entrance, the mascot’s big head prevented it from getting through the door.

Despite Ogimishichan’s best efforts and the assistance of village officials, it soon became apparent that in order to get Ogimishican through the doorway they would have to remove the door from its hinges.

Using an electric screwdriver one of the village officials managed to remove the door and widen the doorway by a few inches.

Although it was still a tight fit and required a bit of effort on the part of Ogimishichan, eventually the mascot was able to make it into the room.

Once inside Ogimishichan was greeted by the applause of those in the room. And fortunately for everyone, the press conference was able to end with the Ogimishichan photo-op that had been planned.

Currently, there is no word on whether Ogimi Village will be taking any measures (no pun intended) to ensure this does not happen again.

Check out the ANN News report of this amusing incident below. And in case you’re wondering, Ogimishichan’s design is based on a type of small green citrus fruit native to Okinawa and Taiwan that is sometimes referred to as shequasar or flat lemon (citrus depressa) in English.

Source: ANN News
Images: ゆるキャラがピンチ!大きな頭で会場に入れず・・・(17/08/10) (ANN News)

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