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Japanese Curry Escort Service Busted For Engaging In ‘Spicy’ Behavior

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You’ve heard of eating sushi off of a naked woman. How about curry?

On Sunday (May 29) police in Tokyo arrested eight people connected to an escort service that offered customers the option to eat curry and rice off a nude woman on charges of prostitution.

According to Tokyo Metropolitan Police, in April, an escort service located in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward called Scandal, sent a woman in her 20s to a hotel in order to provide sexual services considered illegal under Japan’s Anti-Prostitution Law. In connection with this incident, police have arrested Hiroyuki Takahashi, the 36-year-old manager of Scandal, and seven other men and women, who worked at the business.

Police suspect that the business has earned an estimated 900 million JPY (8,095,275 USD) in revenue from providing illegal services.

Additionally, police revealed that Takahashi would film himself engaging in sexual acts with the female staff members of Scandal and upload the videos to the internet as a way of attracting customers.

Reports have also noted that Scandal offered some unique food-related services, one of which allowed customers to eat curry and rice off of the body of a naked woman.

Takahashi is currently refusing to make any statements to police. However, two of the other seven staff members arrested have admitted to the allegations. The remaining five are denying them.

Feel like eating curry off the naked body of someone else’s wife?

Stories about escort services, or as they are known in Japan “delivery health,” getting busted for prostitution are usually not all that noteworthy since this happens fairly frequently in Japan. However, people on Japanese social media really seem to have taken notice of this one due to the peculiar services that Scandal offered.

According to the Scandal website, which has been taken down, the business employed “beautiful hitozuma” (married women) in their 20s and 30s. and for a considerable fee you could engage in activities with them, which seemed to be inspired by the much talked about but rarely ever done practice of nyotaimori (女体盛り), in which people eat sushi and sashimi off the bodies of naked women.

In addition to the regular non-food related two hour course, which cost 31,000 JPY (278 USD), Scandal also offered two pricier food-related courses. The cheaper of which was a one hour “chilled ramen course,” which cost 50,000 JPY (449 USD) and involved a combination of self-pleasuring and noodle eating. However, for those in the mood to splurge and have a ‘spicy’ experience, there was also a two hour “curry course” that cost 91,000 JPY (817 USD).

As for what exactly the curry course involved, the Scandal website compared it to SM. As part of this course customers would get to smear curry all over the woman providing the service. The website specifically noted how you could use the curry to turn the woman’s “pretty face brown,” while at the same time “smelling her.”

The website also explained that people wishing to partake in the curry course would have to make a reservation at least a day in advance. This was due to the smell that would remain on the woman after providing the service.

People that took to Twitter to react to this story seemed to have been particularly fascinated by the curry aspect of this story, sending out tweets such as the ones below.

“Curry and rice on a naked body…”
“Why would you put curry… people are into all sorts of things.”

“Wouldn’t liquid foods just drip off? Or more importantly, wouldn’t it be hot?”
“The world is just full of surprises.”
“I just saw a news story on TV about arrests related to prostitution and when I saw the headline, which said something about “curry and rice on a naked body” I did a spit take”

Source: Breaking News, J Cast News, Nippon News Network
Image: Pixabay

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