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Man Only Wearing Bra & Panties Accosts Woman In Kochi

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According to police, the man, who is a university
student, was standing in an apartment building stairwell, with his wrists tied together
with rope and wearing only a bra and panties, when a 19-year old female
vocational school student who was also a resident of said apartment building
passed by. Upon noticing her, the suspect called out to her saying “Please
untie the rope.”
Police were able to identify the suspect thanks to
security camera footage. After being arrested the suspect admitted to the
charges, saying, “I did it in order to satisfy my sexual desires.”
Kochi police also revealed that since the summer of
2015 there have been 5 similar incidents. They are currently investigating
whether this suspect is connected to these cases as well.
I can’t imagine this guy was able to tie the rope
around his wrists all that tightly. Although he may have been doing this pretty
regularly so perhaps he’s gotten pretty proficient at tying himself up.  Then again, even if he was really good at
trying himself up I would think he wouldn’t want to make the knot too difficult
to untie in the off chance that his victim actually agrees to let him loose. And
for that matter what would he do if someone actually does untie him? Also, did
this guy leave his residence already dressed like this? Or did he leave fully
clothed and disrobe in some bushes somewhere like a perverted superhero? These
are all questions that the Japanese media has failed to ask. They are also
questions that may be better left unanswered. 
Anyway, now that this guy got arrested I hope that he realizes that this
isn’t the way to satisfy his “sexual desires.”
Source: Sankei WEST
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