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Low Energy Gudetama Gets New High Energy Song And Dance (Video)

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Gudetama, the egg themed Sanrio character known for being lazy and unmotivated, has a new song and dance, which is surprisingly energetic.

The new “Gudetama Dance” was premiered during the April 3 broadcast of the morning news program Asachan!, which airs weekdays on the Japanese television network TBS and has a regular Gudetama segment consisting of Gudetama animated shorts and Gudetama dance videos.
Purun purun! (jiggle jiggle)

As opposed to the original “Gudetama Dance,” which played up Gudetama’s famously low-energy personality via its slow tempo and lethargic movements, this new version not only features a song with a notably faster tempo but also choreography that, although still relatively simple and stationary, seems a bit too intense for anything Gudetama related.

Aside from the very un-Gudetama-like high-energy feel of this new “Gudetama Dance,” another notable change is that the new song is almost completely in English. This is an intresting choice given that the lyrics for the original Gudetama danc song we re completely in Japanese. Although it is unclear why Sanrio decided to make this change, it seems likely that with Gudetama’s ever increasing popularity outside of Japan, the company may have decided to go with simplistic English lyrics in order to not exclude fans of Gudetama that don’t speak Japanese.

Everybody Gudetama!

As part of an effort to promote the new dance, for the past few weeks TBS and TBS affiliates across Japan have been releasing videos of their announcers and others performing the new “Gudetama Dance.” Here’s three of these videos.

First up we have announcers Misato Ugaki and Kaede Ito of TBS showing off the new dance.

Next we have a video put out by RBC, which is TBS’s Okinawa affiliate.

And lastly we have a video released by TBS’s Hokkaido affiliate HBC, which features the cheerleading squad of the Hokkaido baseball team, the Nippn-Ham Fighters. Check out the Ham Fighters Girls do the Gudetana dance below.

And just in case you’d like the lyrics to the new Gudetama song, check them out below.

Gudetema Dance lyrics
Iku yo
Puyo puyo pururun pururun
Gudetama, put your hands up!
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Thursday, Friday purun purun
Saturday, Sunday
Everybody gude gude Gudetama!

Source: MyNavi
Image: TBSアナ 宇垣美里&伊東楓 「新ぐでたまダンス」を踊る!【TBS】, 【HBC】あさチャン!ぐでたまダンス完全版

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