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Man In Chiba Assaulted Over “Soft Rice”

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A man in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture was arrested
for allegedly assaulting a restaurant manager because the bento (box meal) he was sold contained “soft rice.”

According to police, on the night of January 1st, Shoji
Sanpei, a 51-year old unemployed man, ordered a delivery bento meal from a
Tateyama City family restaurant. After receiving the meal Sanpei, who by his
own admission was intoxicated at the time, found that the rice was too soft for
his liking. He then called the restaurant demanding that the manager come to
his residence. The manager, a 36-year old male, complied and after his arrival
at the enraged man’s residence he was allegedly punched, kicked and forced to
apologize by Sanpei. Police arrested Sanpei under suspicion of assault. The manager
suffered a sprained neck and other minor injuries.

Sanpei is denying part of the allegations and was
quoted by police as saying “There is no doubt I slapped him (the manager) but I
was drunk and so I don’t remember kicking him.”
I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened
to the manager had the restaurant forgotten to include disposable chopsticks.
Source: TV Asahi
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