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VR Arcade Opens In Shibuya

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A new VR arcade opened this week in Tokyo’s popular Shibuya
district. The arcade, which is located 5 minutes walking distance from JR’s
Shibuya station, is called “VR PARK TOKYO” and features 6 different VR
attractions for visitors to experience. The names of the 6 attractions and a
brief description can be seen below.

  • Taisen Hacha Mecha Stadium VR – A baseball game
  • Kyoryoku GHOST ATTACKERS VR – A game where you take on
  • DIVE HARD VR – A game where you must cross a narrow bridge
    at a high altitude
  • OBAKEREA VR Creeping Terror – A movie inspired horror attraction
  • Solomon Carpet VR – A game where you ride a magic carpet
  • CIRCLE of SAVIORS BEGINNERS – A fantasy battle game
Furthermore, “Bungee Jump VR” will also be added in
Although certainly very interesting, it is not clear whether
these types of arcades are going to stick around long term. They are, at this
point, still primarily a way of raising awareness of VR in order to get people
to buy their own VR set ups. Many of these games could easily be played at home
and once VR becomes commonplace in people’s homes these types of arcades will
have to offer an even more immersive experience that cannot be easily
replicated at home if they hope stay in business. Additionally, the games
themselves have little depth at this point. They are more “attractions” of the
type that you would see at a theme park rather than truly fleshed out games.
Hardcore gamers, like the kind that still go to arcades in order to go up
against human opponents in fighting games may not find this sort of place
interesting. Nevertheless, it certainly seems like a fun place and it is
probably a great place for a date so you may want to check it out if you’re in
the area. It’s probably ridiculously crowded though.

You can watch people playing all 6 VR attractions in the videobelow.

Source: Engadget

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